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HSES Policy Statement

Our team of professionals are leading technical experts and are based in all our local offices to provide an efficient and agile delivery of products and services to meet and exeed our clients requirements and expectations.

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Management Health Safety & Environmental Services Policy Statement

Over the years, from 1992, the continuous process of analyzing and studying risk factors in the various activities involving the on-shore and off-shore construction, fabrication and drilling sectors, has allowed us (LAHOR) to introduce and implement prevention procedures and appropriate technologies/measures to reduce the accident rate of the operating activities.

It is the policy of Lahor Limited to conduct its activities in such a way that the Health and Safety as well as the Security of its employees, sub-contractor, other persons who may be affected and property used for same activities are safeguarded. It is also the policy of Lahor Limited to ensure that proper regard is paid to the protection and conservation of the environment.

Lahor Limited does recognize that the requirement for sound HSES standard are inseparable from the goals of efficient and effective operation, required to achieve high quality performance. Therefore, HSES issues are considered as an integral part of daily activities, and will be managed with the same zeal and dedication as production and cost control.

Lahor Limited maintain an existing HSES audits, inspection drills, awareness and other programmes as continuous machinery for identifying and eliminating hazards, unsafe acts and conditions/practices at the work location as part of our corporate goal of improving HSES standards.

The Company will identify training requirements for different categories of staff in HSES matters so as to enhance their awareness and increase their effective participation and contributions as individuals.

The Company will support sub-contractor in achieving the same goal. The Company believes that all accidents (injuries and damages) are preventable and that safety is a good business. We will, therefore, promote actively high standards of safety consciousness and discipline.

Since human factor is one of the causes of accident, Lahor Limited has always been focusing significant resources on information and training activities for all its employees. These activity help to maintain and increase awareness and professional skills about safety, thus limit the probability of any accident. All safety Officers and Supervisors will adhere to the procedure for reporting unsafe acts conditions and working practices.

It is the responsibility of all employees to report all unsafe condition and working practices to the safety Department and their immediate supervisor without delay.

Valuable suggestions and initiatives from workers/client, aimed at improving HSES standards, would be highly appreciated and rewarded accordingly. Consequently, breach of HSES standards and procedures will not be acceptable.

All Lahor Limited employees are urged to co-operate to the fullest extent with the HSES Department and to carry out their work in line with the Company’s HSES policy.

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